Hydraulic Valve Repair

Our technicians are expertly trained and provide high quality reliable repair service of your hydraulic components. We are dedicated to providing you with excellent customer service and the experience necessary to resolve any problem you may be having with your hydraulic system. In most cases we offer free estimates for your repair and flexible repair options. We can repair and rebuild your component. We have excellent testing capabilities for open loop and closed loop systems to assure optimal performance of your components. Additionally we offer an excellent warranty on your repair.

Rexroth Hydraulic Control Valve

WRexroth, we offer the largest range of  safety and pressure other hydraulic valves – wider than any competitor’s – for all types of applications. From isolator valves and pressure valves to flow control valves and directional cartridge valves, you will find exactly what you need to achieve an optimal solution.

Rexroth Proportional Directional Valve

If you are looking for Eaton’s Hydraulic Pump, motors, fittings, hoses, filters, steering units,  valves, power units and cylinders from their. Eaton’s products is second to none in the industry spare parts sales & services fault finding installation or recondition hydraulic pumps & motors & control valve.Eaton / Vickers Variable Displacement Open / Closed Circuit Piston Pumps ADU041, ADU049, ADU062 PVM018, PVM020, PVM045, PVM050, PVM057, PVM063, PVM074, PVM081, PVM098, PVM106, PVM131,PVM141 PVH 57QIC, PVH 63QIC, PVH 74QIC, PVH 81QIC, PVH 98QIC, PVH 106QIC, PVH 131QIC, PVH 141QIC PVQ 10, PVQ 13, PVQ 20, PVQ 25, PVQ 32, PVQ 40, PVQ 45 PVE12, PVE19, PVE21 PV(F)W*-130, PV(F)W*-180, PV(F)W*-250, PV(F)W*-360, PV(F)W*-500, PV(F)W*-750 PV(F)X*-066, PV(F)X*-090, PV(F)X*-130, PV(F)X*-180, PV(F)X*-250 TVW*-130, TVW*-180, TVW*-250, TVW*-360, TVW*-360, TVW*-500, TVW*-750 TVX*-066, TVX*-066, TVX*-130, TVX*-180, TVX*-250 PFB5, PVB6, PFB10, PVB15, PFB20, PVB29, PFB45, PVB90

Walvoil Hydraulic Monoblock Valve

Walvoil directional control valves are available with mechanical controls, hydraulic controls, pneumatic controls, electro-hydraulic controls, electro-pneumatic controls, and mechatronic controls. These compact, lighweight, heavy duty valves are used in functions such as agricultural/farming equipment, earth moving machines, lifting equipment such as aerial platforms and boom cranes.

Amca Hydraulic Control Valve

The company operates as a small scale technology firm and its products include hydraulic control valve- APV series, CPV series and M-series, hydraulic proportional tipping valve, MDM proportional pressure reducer and other equivalent products.

  • MEV 12 – NEN 12 electric proportional control valve for flows up to 100 lit/min
  • MEV 16 – NEN 16 electric proportional control valve for flows up to 200 lit/min
  • MEV 20 – NEN 20 electric proportional control valve for flows up to 300 lit/min
  • MEV 25 – NEN 25 electric proportional control valve for flows up to 500 lit/min
  • MEV 32 – NEN 32 electric proportional control valve for flows up to 800 lit/min
  • MHV 12 – NEN 12 manual proportional control valve for flows up to 100 lit/min
  • MHV 16 – NEN 16 manual proportional control valve for flows up to 200 lit/min
  • MHV 20 – NEN 20 manual proportional control valve for flows up to 300 lit/min
  • MHV 25 – NEN 25 manual proportional control valve for flows up to 500 lit/min

Hydromatic Rexroth Hydraulic Control Valve

This control valve is developed from the top notch components and sophisticated technology following the standards of industry. Offered control valve control flow or direct flow in response to external commands. We are offering repair and maintenance service of these controls valves.

Kawasaki Hydraulic Control Valves

Kawasaki hydraulic valves and controllers provide superior performance and control for a wide variety of construction machinery, industrial equipment and shipbuilding.

  • KDRDE5K Pressure Reducing Valve (Cartridge Type)
  • KWE5K Directional Control Valve (Cartridge Type)
  • KWE5G Series: Monoblock Type Multiple
  • KMC10 Series: Proportional Multiple Control Valves (Sectional Type)
  • KMP10 Series: Proportional Multiple Control Valves (Sectional Type)
  • MW25 & MW28 Series: Multiple Control Valves (Sectional Type)
  • KMX13 & KMX15 & KMX 32 Series: Multiple Control Valves (Semi-monoblock Type)
  • PV48K, PV48M, PV6P, PVD6P & PVD8P Series: Hydraulic Type Joystick Pilot Valve (for Mobile Usage)The PV48K and PV48M are four-way (dual axis), hand operated, joystick type pilot valve

Sun Hydraulic Control Valve

Sun Hydraulics is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance screw-in cartridge valves and manifolds that control force, speed and motion in fluid power systems. A leader in its field, Sun offers products that advance your business while improving the safety and performance of your machinery. Gayatri Bhakti Hydraulic has used Sun products and its technology to design and develop custom manifold circuits and applications for decades. Sun’s approach to construction and cavity design allows the company’s products to operate precisely and reliably at higher pressures and flow rates in the most demanding operations.

Rexroth Pressure Reducing Valve

We provide full range of repair services for your Rexroth Axial Piston hydraulic pumps & motors from diagnosing & troubleshooting problems to repairs, servicing & testing. A10VG18, A10VG28, A10VG45, A10VG63, A10VG71

Cartridge Pilot Operated Check Valve

Sun Hydraulics’ pilot-to-open check cartridges are non-modulating, on-off devices used for holding a load or actuator in position. Sun pilot-to-open check cartridges can be directly integrated into your actuator or applied using manifolds with many mounting options. Offer protection against hose breaks Positively lock pressurized loads Are available in non-vented (3-port) and vented (3- and 4-port) versions Are physically interchangeable with counterbalance cartridges (same number of ports, same cavities, same flow path for a given frame size).

Pilot Check Valve

Designed for use in applications requiring an actuator to be locked in position, Pilot Operated Check Valves allow free flow from the input port through the output port.  Supplying a pilot pressure to the valve allows flow in the opposite direction.Gayatri Bhakti Hydraulic Pilot Operated Check Valves are ideal for reliably holding an actuator position in a variety of applications.  These rugged valves feature a 1/4 NPT output port which mounts directly on a cylinder, minimizing space requirements and easing tubing installation.

All Types of Hydraulic Pump Spare Part Sales & Services..


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